Made with passion & love for digital beauty

We believe, that natural looking 3d People will save your time, enrich your images & make your work easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Humano Collections

Thematic collections to easily fill almost any 3d scene

Humano Mega Bundles | up to -35%

It’s perfect start for 3d People library or smart option to extend existing one with even better price

What’s new in Humano?

Posed Plus People
with 3d hair!

We believe our Posed Plus, may change your attitude towards 3d people, as we bring totally new quality with the realistic & meticulously crafted 3d hair. Made with love for digital beauty!

Rigged Plus People

The 3d hair bring realism to next level, as they look much more natural in diffent lighting conditions, than standard scanned models.

Our Rigged 3d people with realistic PBR textures come also with easy-to-set facial expressions.  You can pose the model manually or apply a ready-made animation.

Posed Plus

Next-level generation of Posed People with 3d hair. Now available!

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    Formats which we support

    Our models come in many different fileformats. Pre-made materials has been prepared for popular renderers such as V-Ray, Corona, and the native render engines. All the files are prepared for instant use and can be directly rendered once imported into your scene. We also provide universally compatible formats like OBJ and FBX, enabling our 3D People to be utilized in different software.