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Posed 3d People Collections

Each collection contains 20 Posed 3d People models in 4 color variations and pre-made scenes

Populate your digital worlds
with Humano

We believe, that well-thought 3d People Collection will save your time, enrich your images & make your work easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Fast & easy way

Humano are well-thought Collections of highly realistic 3d models, that will fit different ambiences & easily populate your digital worlds.

Ready-made scenes

Our collections include premade scenes, that will give you basic concept of how you might use Humano 3d People and help you easily create your own variations.

Natural look

Style, poses and accessories of Humano 3d People were based on photos of everyday situations and places to give even more natural look.

Color diversity

Every model comes in 4 colours variations to give you possibility to quickly tweak small details and find the right balance in the image.

More collections coming soon!

Check out what Collections are going to be released soon.
We’re here for you, so if you have any requests or ideas just contact us directly!

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