Next-level of realism for your visualizations

We believe our Posed Plus, may change your attitude towards 3d people, as we bring totally new quality with the realistic & meticulously crafted 3d hair. Let us know what you think about it!

Made with love for digital beauty!

Realistic 3D hair

The 3d hair bring realism to other level, as they look much more natural in diffent lighting conditions, than standard scanned models. Although the realistic look, models remain lightweight, as they have been created with haircards technique.

High quality 8K PBR textures & masks

We provide set of detalied PBR maps to guarantee photorealistic results. Each model include: Color, Roughness, Specular, Normal maps, as well as masks for all cloth elements, eyes & skin.

4 Color variations

Each of our Posed Plus models is available in 4 color versions. Just choose the best clothing colors that match your virtual scene.

3 LODs

The models come in 3 LODs, that are 20-150K mesh depending also on density of hair models and with 8K, 4K, 2K textures.

Explore all Posed Plus models

All our Posed Plus models with 3D hair and high quaility PBR textures.

    Download the Free Model

    Explore our meticulously crafted Posed Plus model and witness firsthand
    the unparalleled level of realism they may bring to your projects.

    • Realistic 3d hair included
    • PBR textures (color, specular, roughness, normal)
    • 4 color variations per model
    • Masks for skin, eyes & all cloth elements
    • 3 LODs & different fileformats
      • LOD0 (8K tex, 150k mesh)
      • LOD1 (4K tex, 50k mesh)
      • LOD2 (2K tex, 50k mesh)