Mega Bundle 03 STARTER

90 POSED | 8x Humano Collections


It’s perfect choice for start to build in an easy and fast way your 3d People library. You’ll get a diverse range of models, that you can use to fill almost any 3d scene. This bundle consists of 9 Collections created and selected by Humano.


  • 9 Collections of 90 Posed 3d People models:
    • 6 Collections of 12 models
    • 3 Collections of 6 models
  • PBR textures (color, specular, roughness, normal)
  • 4 color variations per model
  • 3 levels of detail for each model:
    • LOD0: 100K mesh + 8k textures
    • LOD1: 30K mesh + 4k textures
    • LOD2: 10K mesh + 2k textures
  • Masks for all cloth elements
  • Lots of accessories
  • Different fileformats available
License & fileformats information Clear

Which license should I choose?

Freelancer License – limited for purchase & use by: single, self-employed freelancer or single non-commercial users (examples: self-employed freelancer, hobbyist, student).

Standard License – limited for purchase & use by Licensee (company) that has a maximum of 20 Users or 50 Employees

Enterprise License – can be purchased by any Licensee (company) and is not limited by number of Users or Employees.

The number of Users/Employees shall be determined at the moment of purchase.

If your company will exceed the number of Users/Employees allowed for a given license after the purchase, Licensee is not obliged to upgrade the license.

By User, we refer to a person employed by your company, who is able to use & access Humano 3d Models. (examples: 3d artist, architect, intern).

By Employee we refer to every person employed by your company.


See full Terms & Conditions here.


For maximal flexibility & ease of use, these models come in 3 LODs with set of PBR textures. The textures from our new scanner are much more detailed textures & feature much richer skin-tones.


Every model comes in 4 colours variations to give you easy possibility to quickly tweak small details and find the right balance in the image.


All our models have signed Model Release.
Check our Terms of Use & License Agreement before puchase


Scenes & groups are available in LOD2 quality and
3ds Max, Blend & .fbx fileformats.

3d People models come in 3 LODs:

  • LOD0: 100K mesh + 8k textures
  • LOD1: 30K mesh + 4k textures
  • LOD2: 10K mesh + 2k textures
3d People ModelsRenderer
3ds Max (2019+)V-Ray / Corona / Native
C4D(R23+)Native (works with V-Ray & Corona)
BlenderCycles / Eevee
SketchupNative / V-Ray / Enscape / Thea
All other software