Set your own pose or animate

Our Rigged People have been meticulously: retopologized, rigged, and skinned and are equipped with a ready-to-use control rig. You can easily set them in a specific pose or apply a ready-made animation.

Realistic 3D hair

The 3d hair bring realism to other level, as they look much more natural in diffent lighting conditions, than standard scanned models. Although the realistic look, models remain lightweight, as they have been created with haircards technique.

Realistic facial expressions

Set your own espressions easily with: blendshapes | shapekeys | morphers.

Facial expressions are prepared according to Apple ARKit standard. Record your own animations with iPhone use them on our models.

Lightweight & Optimized

Our models feature clean quad topology prepared for animations. Rigged models are 12-15K poly. Rigged Plus models with 3d hair are 20-60K poly depending on hairstyle.

High quality 8K PBR textures

For each model we provide set of detalied PBR maps to guarantee photorealistic results in wide range of rendering software.

Each model include: Color, Roughness, Specular, Normal maps, as well as masks for all cloth elements, eyes & skin.

4 Color variations per model

Each of our Rigged and Rigged Plus models is available in 4 color versions. Just choose the best clothing colors that match your virtual scene.

A-pose & T-pose are included

All Rigged models come in A-pose and T-pose. For ease of use for 3ds Max we provide both: Biped & CAT rig. For Blender you will find Rigify rig.

More fileformats coming soon!

Rigged Plus models

All our Rigged Plus models include 3D hair, facial expressions and control rigs.

Rigged models

All our Rigged models include facial expressions and control rigs.

Download the Free Model

See how our 3d hair look like in different lighting scenarios & play with facial expressions. You can pose the model or animate, so it starts to live in your 3d world!

  • Realistic 3d hair included
  • Fully rigged model
  • Easy facial expressions (52 Apple ARKit standard blendshapes)
  • Retopologized quad topology (around 15K & 30K poly)
  • PBR textures (color, specular, roughness, normal)
  • 4 color variations per model
  • Masks for skin & all cloth elements
  • A-pose & T-pose